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Soapstone Waiver

  • Soapstone surfaces are often selected for their extensive beauty and elegance. Although Soapstone is a natural stone it is more susceptible to staining and scratching by many common liquids or substances found in homes. Any acidic substance that may meet your Soapstone countertops can cause a chemical reaction that will etch and remove the polish of the Soapstone. The Granite Guy uses the highest level of care when working with Soapstone, but certain characteristics of Soapstone may be unavoidable.

    • Soapstone is a natural product that is more porous than granite and therefore, more susceptible to staining and chipping.
    • Some marbles are harder than other marbles and will hold up better, but no marble is harder than granite and may scratch.
    • Some Soapstones are harder than other Soapstones and will hold up better, but no Soapstone is harder than granite and may scratch.
    • Soapstone often comes with faint surface scratches that are hard to see unless in certain light.
    • Soapstone slabs often come already scratched straight from the supplier and those scratches are often unavoidable and will appear in the countertops.
    • Soapstone retains moisture and can cause darkening of the stone.
    • Soapstone may lose shine over time.
    • Soapstone requires frequent applications of sealant.
    • Seams in Soapstone countertops tend to be more visible than granite countertops.
    • The Granite Guy will install Soapstone in kitchens and baths but wants to make you, the customer, aware of the possibilities of the material not holding up as well as other stones. The Granite Guy will not remake any Soapstone countertops.
  • I have read and fully understand the above notations that may occur in my Soapstone countertop and will hold The Granite Guy harmless, and not liable for an of the above-mentioned information.

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