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We can help you find the right marble countertops for your space.

Marble countertops are incredibly popular in upscale kitchen designs because they radiate timeless beauty and elegance. High-end marble countertops are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also quite durable and adaptable, improving the look and feel of any kitchen.

High-End Marble Countertops in Powell, Ohio

However, to make sure it fits your tastes, lifestyle, and budget, you must carefully consider several factors when choosing the ideal marble for your countertops. If you’re in the Powell, Ohio area, our team at The Granite Guy is prepared to be by your side as you make your decision, and we can offer our professional expertise and friendly tips to ensure you find the best options for your home.

There are many different types of marble, and each one has its own veining and patterns. It’s important to think about the look you want your kitchen to have when exploring high-end marble countertops. Marble also comes in a variety of color palettes, spanning from traditional white and gray tones to vivid shades like green and blue. We suggest choosing a marble hue for your kitchen that goes well with the color scheme and lighting in the room. While some homeowners go for dramatic, eye-catching patterns to draw attention, others prefer delicate veining for a more understated aesthetic.

High-end marble countertops are known for their beauty, but because of their porous nature, they need to be regularly sealed to protect them from etching, scratching, and staining. This is why our team uses a 15-year sealer, giving you peace of mind knowing your countertops are protected for a long time.

Selecting high-end marble countertops requires careful evaluation of a range of aspects, including both functional and aesthetic choices. The good news is that you don’t have to make the decision on your own. Simply contact us today to learn more!

At The Granite Guy, we offer high-end marble countertops for customers in Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Grove City, Hilliard, Lewis Center, New Albany, Plain City, Powell, Upper Arlington, Westerville, West Jefferson, and Worthington, Ohio.