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There are lots of naysayers out there who might try to tell you the cost of granite countertops will be too high, granite countertops are difficult to maintain, or they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and stain or scratch easily. But the truth is that the advantages of granite countertops far outweigh any disadvantages—and most of the myths floating around about granite countertops are not true.


Myth: Granite countertops are too expensive.

Truth: Granite can be expensive, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. At The Granite Guy, we have over 80 different colors of granite to choose from, and we have the best countertop prices in the Dublin, Ohio area.


Myth: Granite countertops are hard to care for.

Truth: Like any other kitchen counter surface, granite just needs routine cleaning. Wiping up spills quickly with water and a microfiber cloth and drying the countertops after cleaning will leave them sparkling and beautiful for years.


Myth: All granite countertops need to be sealed once every year.

Truth: It is unnecessary to seal your granite countertops that often. In fact, many types of granite don’t need to be sealed at all. For those that do need to be sealed, however, you can purchase a high-quality seal that will last for up to 15 years.

Granite Countertop in Dublin, Ohio

Myth: Granite countertops can easily be stained and scratched.

Truth: Granite is actually very stain and scratch resistant. If it does get scratched, it is easily repaired, and if it does get stained, the stain can usually be removed with mild soap, a poultice, or a commercial degreaser.


Myth: Granite countertops will make my family sick.

Truth: Granite doesn’t hold bacteria or germs. As long as you clean it regularly, you have nothing to worry about.


If you’d like to experience all the benefits granite countertops have to offer in your Dublin home, contact us today at The Granite Guy for a free granite countertop estimate.


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