Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Consider Granite Countertops

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Granite has always been a prized stone utilized for both its durability and its elegant beauty. While granite countertops were once the mark of luxury kitchens, they’re more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Consider Granite Countertops

If you’ve been considering upgrading your kitchen countertops to granite, there’s never been a better time. Here’s why:

  • Technological advances have brought down fabrication costs. Innovations in both the quarrying and fabrication processes have made granite more accessible and affordable than ever. Efficient machinery can excavate granite more easily, and automated fabrication equipment allows fabricators to focus on providing customers with exacting slabs that fit their style and budget. If the cost of granite countertops has prohibited you in the past, it’s worth taking a fresh look. 
  • Modern trends have made granite varieties more stylish than ever. The days of standard and almost uniform granite trends are behind us as homeowners continue to gravitate toward unique features in home design. Granite countertops with pronounced veining, interesting colors, and unique textures are being embraced like never before. Whether you prefer a more subtle look or you want your countertops to make a statement in your space is up to you. 
  • Better sealing and cleaning solutions enhance longevity. Keeping granite countertops properly sealed is crucial for their longevity, and advancements in sealing and cleaning solutions are working smarter and harder to keep your countertops looking like new. For example, we use a 15-year sealant that offers lasting protection and cuts down how often you have to invest in resealing.

If granite countertops have been on your wish list for years, now is the time to make your home design dreams come true. Reach out to our team and we’ll match you with the perfect countertops for your dream space.