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Unique Style in Kitchen Countertop Installations

There are some great styles that can add a bit of personality to your kitchen countertops (yes, even countertops can have personality!)  Consider one of the following options when remodeling your kitchen:

  • Have varying counter heights.  This is especially functional when used in the island.  A higher countertop can leave you space for bar seating, while keeping a portion of it low will allow for easier chopping and food preparation.  You can either change the height of the cabinets or use the thickness of the actual countertops to make the difference (example: use granite for a portion and then a butcher block top for the other portion).
  • Create overhangs.  Also great for use in an island, you could use this to create a seating area.  You could also use this idea to create more counter space that does not necessarily have cupboards underneath.  Just make sure you have adequate support underneath, especially when using granite for your kitchen countertops.
  • Use the waterfall effect.  This is a fairly new style that adds a sleek, modern look to your counters.   Even if you are going with a more traditional look, don’t be afraid to use this with your countertops because it can add a modern element to your kitchen that you will love.
  • Add finishing touches.  To really bring out the personality of your kitchen countertops, consider adding a backsplash or special lighting.  These can really bring out the colors of the veins in your granite or draw attention to its natural shimmer.

When remodeling your kitchen, think about how you can use one of these ideas to make your area uniquely you.  Come to us at The Granite Guy when choosing your granite or quartz countertops.  Our Columbus/Worthington showroom is open Monday-Friday, 9-6 and Saturday, 10-4.