Three Trends in Kitchen Countertops We Love

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While home design trends come and go, stone kitchen countertops are always in style. Their functionality and durability make them timeless additions to your space, even as styles fade in and out. Still, as new colors, textures, and finishes come into vogue, there are stone countertops that perfectly accentuate the latest trends.

Three Trends in Kitchen Countertops We Love

Here are three current trends in kitchen countertops we love: 

  1. Vibrant Veins – Stone veining trends are always evolving, and lately, there’s been a shift towards more pronounced and contrasting veins. Veins in deep hues on a light neutral surface are gaining traction, and the bigger, the better. Creating contrast and drama is the goal of this countertop trend. 
  2. New Neutrals – The definition of a ‘neutral’ color has expanded over the past few years, with muted colors and deep hues joining the list. This has permeated the kitchen countertop design world as well. A deep gray, brown, or black can be considered just as neutral as their lighter counterparts. Soft greens and blues have also become neutrals in their own right. Thankfully, granite comes in all these colors and fits this trend beautifully.
  3. Make it Matte – While shiny, squeaky clean kitchen countertops will always be in style, recent trends have embraced a more matte look. Particularly with deeper, more monochromatic styles, matte countertops add a chic and modern touch to your kitchen.

We love how the design world is embracing a broader variety of stone countertops. But for us, nothing beats the satisfaction we feel from bringing whatever style you love to your kitchen.