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Shedding Light on 3 Common Misconceptions about Granite Counters

We’d like to clear up some common misconceptions and myths about granite counters. Some of these misconceptions are spread by people attempting to sell granite, or other products by criticizing granite.

Myth#1: Granite is Heat Resistant, so it’s Perfectly Fine to Place Extremely Hot Pots and Pans on the Countertops

While it’s true that high-quality granite counters are resistant to temperatures typically encountered in kitchens, excessive heat can discolor or damage some types of granite sealers. Internal stresses can also be generated by rapid heating that may cause cracking at a weak spot, such as a natural fissure or flaw in the stone. The best way to eliminate potential risks is to use a trivet with feet.

Shedding Light on 3 Common Misconceptions about Granite Counters

Myth #2: Granite Counters Emit Radon and Can Therefore Cause Cancer

Not true. Granite counters are not radioactive and, as such, are perfectly safe. Much of the information found on the internet about granite and radon is biased and has been put out there by companies that profit from selling competing products.

Myth #3: Granite Counters Won’t Ever Stain, Crack or Chip

High-quality granite counters are exceptionally resistant to such damage, but any stone might chip if a heavy, hard object bashes against a square outside corner. Cracks can be the result of errors in installation or fabrication or, as already mentioned, from natural flaws in the stone. Some stones, ostensibly sold as granite, absorb cooking oils, which can cause dark areas. The only way to remove these stains is to use a poultice.


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