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Quartz Countertops Could Change Your Life

Quartz countertops could change your life – that’s a pretty bold statement, isn’t it? In all fairness, it isn’t the addition of quartz countertops, per se, that makes for a potentially life-changing situation. Studies show that any kitchen upgrade can do wonders. This is because you are more likely to make more meals at home rather than eating in restaurants, and those meals will most often be more nutritious.

According to a 2017 Houzz study, homeowners reported a healthier lifestyle after doing a kitchen renovation. Lifestyle changes included more home cooking, more fruits and vegetables, less takeout, and more family time. The most common upgrade feature, a whopping 95% of all renovations, was upgrading the countertops. A large percentage of those were either multicolored or white, which quartz countertops master quite well.

It stands to reason that you and your family will want to spend more time in your kitchen after you upgrade it. And the durability of quartz countertops can stand up to the extra time you’ll spend. As a man-made material, the options with quartz are practically limitless, so you can easily get the look you desire. That same study may note that neutrals and light colors are the most popular right now, but you can find everything from light to dark and anywhere in between.

At The Granite Guy in Worthington, Ohio, we are proud to offer a complete line of quartz countertops to choose from. We go the extra mile to give you exceptional results and take the time to answer all your questions about the pros and cons of each type of countertop. We want you to be as happy with your kitchen down the road as you are when we first install your countertops. Stop by or call us today, and let’s see what we can do to change your life.