How to Get the Most Out of Your Marble Countertops

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In the past, many had only encountered marble countertops in ice cream parlors, where the stone’s poor heat conductivity kept it, and the ice cream, naturally cool.  While they may have admired the look of marble, many homeowners likely considered it impractical for their own homes due to the perception that marble was a luxury they couldn’t afford. While many high-end marble varieties are indeed out of the average renovation budget, more affordable options such as Carrera marble may be within your reach. If you choose marble counters for your home, keep in mind that they do require more attention than the more rugged granite. We at The Granite Guy have put together some tips for how to get the most out of your marble countertops.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marble Countertops

First, be aware that marble is a softer stone than granite and will be more vulnerable to scratches and nicks. Cutting directly on your counters is a bad idea in any case, but unlike granite, which will only dull your blades, marble may show imprints from knife cuts. Another thing to be aware of is that marble is a more porous stone than granite; both materials require proper seals to protect them from staining, but marble countertops should be re-sealed as often as every sixth months if you cook frequently.

Marble is also composed mostly of calcium carbonate, a compound that reacts easily with acid. Prolonged exposure to acids like lemon juice or vinegar can cause etching, a process that wears away the sealant or the surface of your marble, leaving it more susceptible to stains and scratches. To avoid this, be sure to keep up with regular re-seals, and try to limit your counters’ direct contact with acid–chop lemons or other citrus on a butcher’s block, take care not to spill vinegar when mixing a salad dressing, etc. If a spill should occur, try to clean it up right away rather than let it linger on the surface. Your countertop will thank you.

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