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Get the Low-Down on High-End Granite Countertops: 3 Things You Should Know

Whether it be your large kitchen island or a small vanity in a bathroom, granite countertops are an excellent choice for your home, but not all granite is created equal. Slabs of granite are typically rated low-grade, mid-grade, or high-grade. If you want the best, then high-end granite countertops are the choice for you. Here are a few things you should know when selecting your high-end granite countertops:

1.   Each piece is unique- Granite countertops are made of natural stone, so whatever you choose will be unique to your home. When selecting your high-end granite countertop, you can get a better idea of how it will look in your home by looking at our full-size slabs rather than seeing a small sample at a big box store. At The Granite Guy, we have over 80 granite slabs. We can help you select one with the perfect color and a look you will love.

2.   The perfect cut, the perfect size- At The Granite Guy, we will work with you to create the perfect look for your space. You can choose from rounded or square corners, and the slab you select can be cut to fit any space, large or small.

3.   Installation matters- Even the best granite can cause frustrations when installed improperly. With years of experience and attention to detail, we will get the job done right, and we can help you know how to care for your high-end granite countertop so that it continues to look as good as new.

At The Granite Guy, we’ll take pride in helping you select the perfect high-end granite countertops that will stand out and stand up to all that your daily life demands. Give us a call or come in to our showroom today.