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Is your kitchen screaming for an update? Has your laminate been cut by knives in careless hands, or has it been damaged by water? Is the edge banding trimming your counters falling off? Or maybe your tastes just don’t match the previous owner. How many hours do you spend drooling over images of new kitchens with beautiful granite countertops on Pinterest?

Changing out the countertops can do wonders for freshening up the kitchen.


While you’re changing the counters, you can go ahead and add that island or extra bar space that you’ve been wanting. Do it now, so all your kitchen countertops will be coordinating.

If you want granite, come to us at The Granite Guy. Granite countertops can’t be a do-it-yourself project.  Kitchens come in so many configurations that you can’t just go to a showroom and pick up a standard counter, like you can with bathroom vanities. You need our expert skills in getting you the professional-grade granite countertops your kitchen needs. Stop drooling over remodeling pictures and call us today. At The Granite Guy, we serve the mid-Ohio area.