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Granite Countertops: From Quarry to Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how the untouched granite in the earth ends up as beautiful granite countertops? It really is an amazing process, and learning about it can help you appreciate all the effort that went into the granite’s journey from quarry to your kitchen.

Unlike other resources that are pulled from deep within the earth, granite is found quite close to the surface. As a result, shallow quarries are all that is needed to get the raw granite into manageable blocks for shipment. With a process of drilling and carefully planned explosives, a large block is severed from the rest and is carefully directed to fall onto a soft bed of sand, so the block isn’t damaged. These large slabs are then put on heavy-duty trucks.

The large blocks are transported to the coast where they are put on ships to travel to a slab fabrication facility. Much of the granite used throughout the world comes from Brazil, but must go to a country with advanced machinery to get cut into slabs. Even with advanced machinery, this process is can take a full day. The giant complex saws take roughly an hour to get through just one foot of granite. Some facilities have updated to the new diamond wire cutting saws, which have greater speed and accuracy. This is one of the reasons why the cost for granite has dropped in recent years. After the cutting, the next step is going through large polishing machines.

For those slabs to finally make it to become your granite countertops, the polished granite slabs are sent to their final destination. There a skilled craftsman using advanced machinery who turn the slab of your choice into the granite countertops that are going to make your kitchen renovation everything you imagine. If you would like to have a large selection to choose from, come to see us at The Granite Guy. We have full slabs on display with over 80 color options. If you haven’t looked at granite lately, give it a shot as it’s never been more affordable to enjoy this natural product.