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Granite Countertops Make Living with Plants Easy

There’s something so calming about having plants in your home. They add green in winter and add interesting texture all year long. Some plants are even known to clean the air inside, which is especially important in the winter when you can’t open windows. Having indoor plants may even reduce stress.

But what’s not calming about plants in your home is when you accidently overwater them and the water leaks out on to that wood surface you have them sitting on and discolors or stains the wood. Find your houseplants a great new surface to live on by installing granite countertops.  Water won’t damage the granite if the pot ever leaks and, the plants will make a great addition to the kitchen. The water on the granite will easily clean up. Or better yet, add a bit of the granite countertop slab to your window sill and let your plants live there; it will be impervious to water spills, and they will be able to get plenty of light.

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