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Discover the Beauty of Quality Marble Countertops

Quality marble countertops bring elegance and style instantly to kitchens and bathrooms. Popular color trends include browns and grays because they complement modern kitchens with black appliances and dark woodwork. However, marble countertops are available in light shades as well, such as pink and white – perfect for a pristine, predominately white kitchen.

Quality marble countertops are luxuriously smooth, and that distinctive feeling of silkiness makes working on them a pleasure. In terms of durability, marble wins hands down over vinyl and wood, both of which are prone to being dented by heavy cookware or nicked by knives. And to help prevent stains, marble countertops can be sealed.

Because marble is naturally nonporous, it is bacteria resistant, making it a hygienic surface for preparing food and rolling dough. It cleans up easily with water and soap. Once cleaned, it looks fresh and reflects beautiful soft sheens of light.

If you’re into entertaining, a kitchen island with a marble countertop and matching bar stools will allow you to do so with class and style. Marble always conveys an impression of elegance, whether it’s used in a modern kitchen, a classic kitchen, or a restored farmhouse kitchen. To dress up your marble-topped kitchen island, you need nothing more than a few candles to create a perfect ambiance.

The Granite Guy showroom in Worthington, Ohio has some exquisite samples of marble slabs, and our knowledgeable pros understand the specifics of quality marble countertops.