Design Ideas to Complement Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

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Granite kitchen countertops can be a stunning addition to your home. With a unique pattern and beautiful colors, your countertops have the potential to become a showstopping element in your kitchen. However, because granite kitchen countertops draw the eye so easily, it can be a challenge to design your kitchen around them.

Design Ideas to Complement Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Our team would like to share a few design ideas that can complement your granite kitchen countertops:

  • Cabinet Colors – Granite kitchen countertops often have lots of brown, tan, and gray shades in them. To avoid overwhelming your space, keep your cabinets a color that blends naturally with the countertops. A warm white or a moody, dark color can bring out the best in your countertops. If you’re not interested in painted cabinets, choose a stain color that picks up similar shades to your countertops.
  • Floors – A bold pattern on your countertops and your floors can make your kitchen look busy and overwhelming. When you have granite kitchen countertops, it’s often best to keep your floors simple. A plain tile or wood floor is usually a safe choice.
  • Décor – Keeping your kitchen balanced also means avoiding cluttering your countertops with items and décor. However, a few carefully chosen decorative items can dress up your countertops and elevate your kitchen. If your granite has specks of a bright color, such as green or purple, try bringing in appliances, flowers, or décor in those colors to make the colorful specks in your countertops pop.

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