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Nowadays, many American homeowners are making environmentally-friendly choices and, when it comes to kitchen countertops, quartz (engineered stone) is one of the most eco-sensitive choices you can make. However, this surface comes with many other benefits. It’s hygienic, easy to care for, beautiful and durable.

It Could Be Said That the Best Countertops Are Quartz

Let’s take a closer look at this versatile surface and see why it could be said that the best countertops are quartz.

What kind of quartz can be used for countertops? Most forms of engineered stone are excellent for high usage like kitchen countertops. The product must be non-porous and acid-resistant. Unlike plastic laminate or solid surfacing that can catch fire due to temperature-sensitivity, quartz stands up to heat well. And, unlike other surfaces and even some natural stone varieties, quartz resists stains from liquids like coffee and wine.

It Could Be Said That the Best Countertops Are Quartz

What are its main characteristics? We already know that it’s beautiful, durable and strong, but quartz is also very consistent in appearance and pattern. It doesn’t accumulate mold or bacteria and is easy to keep clean. You can get engineered stone countertops with bacteria-resistant surfaces, but because they are heat-resistant and non-porous, they shouldn’t be collecting bacteria anyway. So, from a hygiene perspective, the best countertops are definitely quartz.

Other major benefits include brute strength, as well as a vast range of styles and colors. Some engineered stone products are fashioned to look like marble or limestone, enabling you to achieve great looks with great performance. If you’re committed to conserving natural resources such as real marble, then quartz countertops are certainly the best countertops.


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