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Choosing an Installer of Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Choosing an installer for granite kitchen counter tops requires doing a bit of research, just as having any work done in your home requires. There are a number of things to look into that will make sure you get your dream kitchen instead of a nightmare.

First of all, make sure the installer is experienced with granite kitchen counter tops. At The Granite Guy, we’d be glad to show you a portfolio of work we have completed. It takes different skills to install granite kitchen counter tops than it does other types of counters, but we have more than enough experience.

Second, make sure the installer you are considering is willing to be a part of the process of selecting the granite. We can identifying any problems with the individual slabs that you might overlook, and we know specifically how much material will be needed so you can be sure to purchase enough.

There are two pieces of paperwork you will want to see that the installer should provide for you. One is a copy of his current and active contractors’ license, if required in your area. The second is a certificate of insurance. Never let an uninsured or underinsured contractor do work on your home.

We’d also be happy to show you customer recommendations and provide you with any information you need to be able to feel confident in choosing us for your granite kitchen counter top installation in the Columbus, Ohio area. Please contact us today for more information.