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Have you ever seen a kitchen counter top made out of recycled paper? What about bamboo?

The home improvement market is always looking to create fascinating, unusual products that will attract new consumers. As such, they have invented a number of kitchen countertops that make use of uncommon materials. These are certainly not as accessible or inexpensive as other materials, but it is interesting to see that there are individuals and designers thinking outside the box.

What’s the draw behind these different kitchen countertop materials? People enjoy having something that’s unique. Certainly pointing out your bamboo kitchen countertop makes for an easy conversation starter if you have friends or family over for dinner. The use of abstract materials isn’t necessarily practical, but some bathroom and kitchen lovers will always be looking for ways to set their home apart.

Will we see any new materials become mainstream in the home remodeling market? It’s hard to say. Who knows, maybe recycled paper kitchen countertops will become the new trend?

In the meantime, though, we can expect the majority of homeowners to stick with natural stone materials for their kitchen countertops, such as granite and marble. There is one valuable take-home message to be learned from our contemporary “countertop mad scientists:” don’t be afraid to be bold and try new things. Although it’s easy to stick with a cheap, bland kitchen countertop, you’ll miss out on the potential hit of a vibrant granite or quartz counter top.

Have you tried any unusual countertops, due to their material type, color, or installation? What lessons have you learned? What has worked for you?