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Things to consider when planning for new kitchen counter tops include color, material, design and functionality, as well as your lifestyle and budget. Assessing the space and how often the counter tops will be used also helps to make the right decision.

Choose Kitchen Counter Tops According to Your Lifestyle and Budget

If your kitchen is busy, and the counter tops have to endure lots of wear and tear, you should avoid wood. Wood is high-maintenance and prone to scratching and staining. Materials such as granite and quartz would be much better options for kitchen counter tops, as they can stand up to high-traffic situations and are strong enough to last a lifetime.

When you’ve chosen the material, consider the color and style that will match the space best. What stain or color are the cabinets? Is your kitchen modern or traditional? Also think about details of the kitchen counter tops, like thickness, edging and overhang options.

Setting a budget might be daunting, but it’s a crucial step in the planning process. A budget impacts your choices and helps you break them down to what is cost-effective and feasible for your design. If you fancy the idea of granite but think the cost is out of your league, think again – you might be surprised to know that, these days, granite counter top prices are very affordable. Look online for cabinet refacing photos – some people opt for refacing their cabinets and using the money they saved on upgrading their countertops to granite.

Consider the fixtures such as faucets, sinks and appliances when shopping for kitchen counter tops because all these items should work together in the same space. If you create a well-thought-out design with quality counter tops, you can be sure that you and your family will enjoy the space for many years.


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