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While quality marble countertops are sometimes not recommended for kitchens because of the abuse they would receive there, they are a wonderful option to consider for bathroom remodeling projects. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from crystallized limestone and other materials. As such, it can have amazing veining, colors and patterns that can give a bathroom remodeling project a level of luxury beyond that of any other material.

Bathroom Remodeling with Quality Marble Countertops

Quality marble countertops may not have the durability of some other materials, but the elegance makes it worth the extra effort. The important thing is to keep up with having it sealed regularly and avoid spilling things like hair dye and colognes/perfumes on it. It is also advisable to use only the mildest cleaners. Learning how to care for your quality marble countertops will save you from damaging them. Alternatively, you may like to install quality marble countertops in guest bathrooms and powder rooms, which receive less everyday use.

Bathroom Remodeling with Quality Marble Countertops

A nice thing about quality marble countertops is that they can be ordered in a number of different finishes. The marble can be polished for a glossy shine, honed for a matte appearance, or even antiqued for a weathered look. These give you tons of choices, so you can get the final look you desire.

Although quality marble countertops are not ideal for everyone, nothing looks more dazzling. If you can survive the shortcomings and high maintenance, it is definitely something to consider, especially if you want to add incredible value to your home and have a truly distinctive result.


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