How to Add Exotic Granite to Your Home

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Many of us would like to change things about our homes. Whether it’s the paint color, the shape of a kitchen or the faucets in the bathroom, there’s almost always a running list of things we’d like to improve. To personalize their home and give it a little distinction, people are turning to unique materials, colors and shapes. In this article, we would like to give you a few tips on adding unique and exotic granite to different areas of your home.

How to Add Exotic Granite to Your Home

In the kitchen, try adding exotic granite to a few key areas. An island or backsplash are ideal because they can work with other colors and materials in the kitchen and tie everything together while still retaining a sense of individuality.

In the bathroom, use exotic granite as a countertop material and keep the other style elements complementary. You could also use smaller sections of exotic granite in your shower pan or along the length of the shower or tub surround.

In the laundry room, add a countertop made of exotic granite to provide a handy folding station for clothing. You could create a counter on top of your side-by-side front loading machines or on top of cabinets for storage.

In the living areas, you might think exotic granite wouldn’t work in these areas, but they can! Try using exotic granite on fireplace surrounds, as tile in an entryway, the base of a bookcase or the top of a dresser!

Exotic granite is a great way to have a little design fun with your home. Contact us here at The Granite Guy for supplies and advice for your exotic granite uses.