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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Granite Countertops
Are you in the market for new granite countertops, but you don’t know where to start?  You are in luck because our team at The Granite Guy can help!  Here are our top 5 tips to picking the perfect granite for your home:

1. Do your research.

It’s important to know the differences between quartz, granite and marble, so you have a general idea of which material would best suit your lifestyle and needs. Some important differences include:

  • Marble is soft and porous, usually chosen for its aesthetic appeal rather than durability
  • Granite is scratch, chip and heat-resistant — we do 15 year sealer so isn’t as much upkeep as granite installed by other companies.
  • Quartz is scratch and chip-resistant but not as heat resistant as granite and is also referred to as an engineered stone.

2. Make a list of any questions you have before going to a showroom.  

It is important that you write questions down so you remember them.  We have over 200 full-size slabs in our showroom, which can sometimes be overwhelming to clients.  Having a list will help ensure that you get all your questions answered.  This can also prevent you from making a mistake when selecting your material for your new countertops.

3. Consider an undermount sink.

This is a kitchen or bathroom sink that sits under your granite countertop. It is not only stylish, but very functional.  It is so nice to be able to wipe all the crumbs that accumulate on the counter right into the sink.  It also makes cleaning the sink much easier.

At The Granite Guy, we only carry undermount sinks. Customers can provide their own sinks usually at no cost, but when you receive a quote from us for new kitchen countertops, we include 4 styles of stainless steel undermount sinks at no charge.  We also give the option of “chef series” sinks and “granite composite sinks” customers can upgrade to.

4. Pick the right color.

Picking the right color for your granite countertop can be challenging, but we can help!  We have several slabs to look at in our showroom.  That’s right, slabs!  No looking at tiny samples and trying to decide what color they actually are.  It is also recommended that you bring a cabinet door with you into our showroom so you can get a good look at how the granite countertop will look with your cabinets.  You also need to consider the flooring you have in the kitchen.

Because of our neighbors over at The Cabinet Guys, we have most cabinet door colors in stock customers can use to compare to our materials.  It is always best to bring in any other kind of hardware such as flooring or backsplash to get the best vision of how your project will look when completed. You can also use our Kitchen Visualizer.

5. Pick the right edges for your needs.

Are your cabinets modern? A contemporary pencil edge is included in every quote for bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops at no cost to you.  Do you have small children who may bump their heads on the counter? We round the corners on most of our edging options.  Are your cabinets a traditional style? Our California bevel and bull nose edges are recommended. Feel free to bring in a picture of your kitchen or bathroom, and we can help you pick a style that will fit your style and your space.

Stop by and see us at The Granite Guy today, and we can help you pick the perfect granite countertops!